Status: Alpha


We think the world is a vibrant and interesting place when more passionate creators are able to peform. Thats why we’re building a platform of artist owned stages for you to explore .

The stage is set.

Claiming a stage is free and simple

You decide when and how much you want to charge for tickets to the performances you create.

Get started now:

  1. Create an account, now you have a stage.
  2. You decide what happens on the stage.
  3. Gather your supporters.
  4. Deliver you vision.
  5. Get paid.


There are 3 ways you can ticket your event:

  • Traditional Ticket - You set a price.
  • Exclusive Ticket - You set the price and number of "seats".
  • Goal based Ticket - You set price and a sales goal.

Our hopes with ticketing is to remove some of the uncertainty and risk around perfoming online. If you are uncertain which type might suit your event best, contact us to find out more.


We support RTMP, which is the protocol most streaming softwares uses. Using this you could for example stream using something like OBS, opening a world of possibilities for your stream.


There is no upfront cost, and no hidden fees. We only make money when you do. This happens through a 15%* cut from ticket sales to cover our expenses.

*We’re constantly assessing this and working closely with artists to ensure it is as viable and sustainable for performers to work with us.