Status: Alpha

Data retention policy

In order to book tickets and enable you to access streams you have paid for we store information about you in our system. We store your name and email address. We need this information to create and deliver tickets to you. For paid events we accept card payment for tickets through a third party integration with Stripe. Please see for Stripes data retention policies.

How to review or request deletion of your personal data

Send us an email to and specify if you want to review your user account data, or request that the data is deleted. The email should be sent from the same email used to create the account. If you are not sure then we will help you locate the correct email and send a verification email to ensure you have access to the account in question. If you request a review we will send you a followup email with all information associated with your user account and any purchases made on the platform. If you request that we delete your personal data, then note that any ticket associated with your email will be permanently removed. If you want to review or request deletion of data associated with ticket purchases then contact our third party provider Stripe. See for more information.